About Us

Cooperative of Captains of Long Course, Skipper, Divers, Pilots of Airplanes and Sicilian Parachutists been born with goes him into effect of the DM n. 121 of 10.05.2005 (Office of the Infrastructures and the Transports), recante the institution and the discipline of the Professional Titles.

The Cooperative has the primary objective to highly provide qualified and certified professional figures to the Client according to the National and European standards, selected and checked.

The Cooperative work mainly in the Mediterranean with Base to Palermo. The final objective of our Cooperative of young constitution but of long professional experience is that to furnish the proper person to the Client for the in demand activity to the correct moment, guaranteeing certainties. The Staff of Crew & Yachts Charter Sicily the nautical charter in Sicily thanks you to have visited us


___ Crew Charter Staff_________________________________________________________________________

Yachts Responsible: Alessandro Giannilivigni [Captain]

Training and Crew Responsible: Natale Fiorentino [Captain]

Thank you for having chosen Crew & Yachts Charter Sicily the nautical charter in Sicily


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